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Yahoo tumblr porn

much as it surprised employees at Tumblr. Its about enabling adults to make better-informed choices for themselves and their families. Tumblr helps people to create and distribute content, said Karp, who argued these activities are particularly popular among younger audiences. The thing about supporting creativity is that young people have much more boundless creativity, Karp continued. At first it was because of content-safety concerns. Less than 2 percent of Tumblr porn blogs that my company classified were self-tagged as nsfw.

Yahoo tumblr porn

And some consumers may wish to buy lingerie without stumbling upon content they deem inappropriate. In a call with investors on Monday morning, Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer explained that Yahoo and Tumblrs differing demographics would give the companys advertisers access to a valuable new audience. And some, including Karp, respected Mayers background, thought they could help Yahoo and help themselves - and, of course, help themselves to Yahoos money. The sales turmoil came at the worst possible time. Of course, Myspaces dwindling popularity isnt the only evidence that young users are inherently capricious in their online habits. As one employee rooting for a Yahoo sale put it, Weve already seen what this is, let some other media company come in and make smarter decisions. But some would prefer to avoid pornography so they too should have the freedom to block. Teens certainly look to en vogue websites, and in some cases they may be here today or gone tomorrow, said Clark Fredrickson, a spokesman for eMarketer, a digital media market research firm. It didnt have to be this way. It remains an incredibly vibrant network with hundreds of millions of accounts spanning the full breadth of human interests, from powerful cultural commentary on women in Hollywood to raw teen shoplifting stories to discussions around the, black Lives Matter movement. Either way, Tumblrs self-tagging system doesnt work. Likewise, Tumblr's team was weary of too much interference. While gay is automatically blocked by Tumblr safe settings, keywords such as cfnm and other related porn-search terms are not, making the content accessible with safe guards enabled. Tumblr was billed as the linchpin for a new and improved Yahoo, or at the very least a much-needed hip replacement for the aging Internet giant.

It s a big probem for, tumblr, and now, yahoo, since most brands will shy away from advertising unless something is done about porn blogs.And parents, I d venture, should be concerned about their kids hanging out.

Pando: Tumblr porn is a bigger problem than, yahoo realizes

In July 2015, the system was modified so that users cannot remove or edit individual comments by other users when reblogging a post; existing comments can only be removed all at once. Ho, Victoria (February 18, 2016). When I discover something that I consider particularly hot, I add it to my nsfw Tumblr and add a few appropriate tags. David Karp and Tumblr (Video). Retrieved May 17, 2013.

Yahoo tried to make things right a year later by separating the ad teams again, but the damage was done.

Yahoo press conference Monday evening. "This was an unbelievable opportunity to shortcut a lot of the very hard things that we're about to be going through Karp said in one interview right after the acquisition, referring to the need to grow its business through advertising. You want to post pictures of hungover owls, or judge people for taking selfies at funerals, or get all existential looking. It also means that brands that end up with ads on porn blogs will also be exposed in search engines. Two months after Brown left and the exodus began, Mayer re-organized Yahoo's top leadership and put Karp, who had reported to her directly until then, underneath Simon Khalaf, the executive who founded Flurry, an advertising company bought by Yahoo a year after Tumblr. Some on the Yahoo side argue Mayer gave Tumblr and Karp too much freedom for too long after the acquisition considering the social networks poor track record making money, and then ultimately put the wrong people in charge of the team and pushed too hard. Some people want full, unrestricted access to pornography. After all, teens and 20-somethings regularly outgrow their offline hangouts, gradually moving from their parents basements to bars and other spots. There wouldn't be any viruses on them, because it's tumblr and tumblr is safe, which is a huge reason for people to use it for porn.

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Yahoo tumblr porn! Though data are scant on millennials evolving usage of specific social media sites, a 2013 survey by investment bank Piper Jaffray suggests younger users have lately been turning away from sites like Facebook and YouTube that were once their preferred destinations.

Kessler predicts Yahoo will keep a hands-off approach and evaluate its options before making any changes that could potentially alienate users. "It's not the worst idea. She also discussed the possibility of working with Tumblr bloggers to post ads on their sites, with their permission. But whether Tumblrers like it or not, more advertising will be coming to the blogging service, and Mayer said that Yahoo might feature Tumblr content on its main site. "In terms of the integration between the two sites, we plan to operate and brand and grow Tumblr separately from Yahoo Mayer said during her call with investors. We Want Porn, but comScore will count you as one of the services 117 million monthly users. this discussion has been archived. Trademarks property of their respective owners. Which means there are a lot of pages on Tumblr that advertisers wont go near. Its traffic numbers have grown considerably, but it's been reluctant to ramp up advertising on the same scale, an issue CEO Yishan Wong touched on in a blog post last fall. It bought Geocities in 1999 and shut it down a decade later; its 2005 purchase of Flickr flickered out as that site lost ground. What's cool in social media one minute can be a lame has-been the next. David Paul Morris Bloomberg Getty Images. Google 's success with its 2006 purchase of YouTube for.65 billion is the exception rather than the rule. You don't even know what 'it' is yet said Mayer.


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