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discarding large quantities of food for seemingly frivolous reasons. "A significant percentage of the household food that is wasted ends up in landfill, where it produces CO2 and methane gas explained Richard Swannell, director of waste prevention at the UK-based. Sonesson contends that the problem boils down to basic economic logic. Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology - the body commissioned by the unfao to coordinate its food waste report. It generates more emissions once it's discarded on the trash heap. Waste Resources Action Programme (wrap). Dr Ulf Sonesson is senior scientist in environmental systems at the. Depending on the type of food in question, this figure ranges from between 25 and 75 and, altogether, it amounts.3 billion tons of edible goods discarded each year. "Or, when you get home with your shopping, transfer as much as you can straight into the freezer. It revealed a chilling statistic: A third of all food products worldwide go uneaten.

Among them, a pineapple hangs suspended in negative space above an antique two gold dish - its formerly yellow flesh having given way to luminous green mold; Deep purple beetroots sit snugly in an elegant porcelain vase with thin films of gray fur accumulating on their. Food and Agriculture Organization report. Swannell points out that, although a long-time coming, people in some nations are finally waking up to the seriousness of the issue. Report that reveals one third of all food worldwide is wasted. And yet a recent study revealed that up to 40 of food thrown away by consumers in Europe is still in its original packaging when it lands in the dustbin. "Furthermore, it's not unusual for supermarket chains to purposely acquire a surplus of food, so shelves can remain fully stocked with perishable items - pastries, meat, fruit and vegetables - right until closing time he said. In a world where approximately 925 million people suffer chronic hunger, the overarching moral implications are stark. Anti-waste pressure group provide tips for cutting down on uneaten food. These numbers don't reveal the full extent of the disparity. But the less documented environmental consequences are almost as alarming. Sonesson notes that the majority of uneaten food in places like Sub-Saharan Africa is created at the point of production, largely as a consequence of things like spoiled crops or poor refrigeration.

The idea is simple: To expose the contradiction between the beauty of food products - particularly as presented in the media - and the ugly reality of overconsumption and waste, explained Pichler.Disc Two contains Fellini: A Directors Notebook, in which Federico Fellini discusses his views of making motion pictures and his unorthodox procedures.

Moldy matters: How wasted food is destroying the

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This pressure is to blame for the common practice of goods being discarded and destroyed immediately after harvest because of minor imperfections he said.

Wasted food is a major cause of avoidable CO2 emissions. "With countless cookery shows and ever more seductive advertisements, food has become a major part of the culture industry he said. He points out that in 2007, the UK wasted.3 million tons of food, but by 2010 that figure had dropped.2 million. One Third" - derives from a 2011.N. Project inspired.N. "Methane is 23 times more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas he added. The idea is simple: "To expose the contradiction between the beauty of food products - particularly as presented in the media - and the ugly reality of overconsumption and waste explained. At first glance, Austrian artist Klaus Pichler's spell-binding photographs could be mistaken for a set of stylish advertisements. This all begs the question: Why do we squander so much? According to a, greenpeace report, the food industry is responsible for creating up to 30 of the world's total annual carbon emissions. He agrees with Pichler that the problem is symptomatic of the West's culture of cheap disposable goods. Read related: Futuristic farm shop grows food in synthetic veg patch. Pichler says that the high-end, fashion magazine finish of his images reflect what he sees as the "over-commoditization" of food as a lifestyle accessory. "It needs oil to make the fertilizer, oil for the farm, oil for the food processing, oil for the packaging and oil to transport it to the shops.".

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His research found, perhaps unsurprisingly, that in Europe and North America, each consumer wastes between 95 and 115 kilograms of food a year, whilst only 6 to 11 kilograms of edible goods are discarded per person in Sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia.

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